ICP AFR Technology being used in compression molding.


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How We Do It

Integrated Composite Products (ICP) is a high technology company delivering Advanced Technology Solutions to a variety of customers using long and/or short fiber composite materials to realize the following objectives for demanding structural parts:

1) Reduce the cost ... by 20% to 40%

2) Reduce part weight ... by 20%
3) Increase flexural/strength/stiffness performance ... by 100% to 300%
4) Increase impact performance ... by 100% to 500%
5) Provide proprietary Finite Element Analysis (FEA) materials modeling to optimize design.

Best of all, ICP can deliver all five of these objectives simultaneously and in a highly predictable manner for the largest of parts.

We accomplish these seemingly “impossible” results through the use of selective placement of ICP’s proprietary (patent pending & trade secret) Advanced Fiber Reinforcements (AFR’s). ICP uses its extensive research, application development and molding experience to design, formulate and place our AFR’s exactly where they are needed.

ICP works with some of the world’s largest material compounding companies (a range of resins and fibers long and short) and sophisticated molders (injection and compression) in North America. These deep relationships expand our ICP Center's capabilities with complementary R&D resources and equipment. With our partners, no customer program is too complex or too difficult for us to provide a timely solution. Best of all many of ICP’s advanced technology solutions can be implemented rapidly using customer molder’s existing tooling.