Integrated Composite Products (ICP) was founded by Ron Hawley and Derek Mazula two seasoned thermoplastic innovators. They had, like so many in the composites industry, weathered the trials of having technologies that "came close but fell short". This pattern, referred to as the "doom loop", was problematic to all parties in the composite supply chain from compounders to molders to customers (and all suppliers of equipment and tooling suppliers between). They decided that what the industry needed was another breakthrough and set about with their team to create and prove-in their next game changing innovation. Substituting a mere 5% of base materials with ICP's Advanced Fiber Reinforcements (AFR's) allows customers the ability to simultaneously reduce weight and costs (two ever present objectives) while increasing a part's impact and flexural/strength/stiffness (two difficult objectives to accomplish in parallel) with high predictability. 

Ron Hawley  (Chief Science Officer) - 45 years of innovation

  • Developed extrusion compounding in 1969
  • Developed Long Fiber Thermoplastics (LFT) in 1979
  • Developed Direct In-Line Compounding (D-LFT) in 1989
  • Developed "Pushtrusion" in 1999
  • Developed ICP Advanced Technologies in 2013

Derek Mazula (CEO) - 30 years leading high tech/composite ventures

  • Manufacturing start-ups with General Electric, Scott Paper, SD Warren
  • Software & internet start-ups with Adaytum/Cognos/IBM, Schoolizon
  • Composite manufacturing with Geotek, CPI Binani and ICP
  • Founder of Drifens residential treatment services for professional women
  • Consultant and practice leader with Deloitte Consulting