The ICP Center features a 10,000 sq. feet facility, 800 amp 480 power, closed loop water system with 22 and 21 ton water chiller for cooling. State of the Material Dryers and inline processing equipment.


  • Up to date extrusion and plastification processes.
  • 500 Ton Compression Press, fast close for thermoplastics.
  • 150 mm Plasticator.  15 pound preform (one per minute) PPGL 40 LFT.
  • Milacron Advanced Material Extruders
  • 330 Ton Injection Press 

Development Molds:

  • ICP PT #1 = 8 inch x 18 inch panel mold with 6 - 1 inch ribs in each direction.
  • ICP PT #2 = 16 rib mold with ribs of varying widths and depth dimensions.

Testing Equipment:

  •  5,000 pound Satec/Instron, Tensile and Compression (Flex) capable.
  • Pendulum Impact, 555 foot – pounds of force.
  • Deformation Under Load – up to 1,000 pound load.
  •  ICP Advanced Fiber Reinforcement (AFR) Work Cell
  • Cutting Station capable of cutting ICP (IM-AFR) up to 42” wide.

AFR T.M. & I.M. Prototype / Production Line:

  • 150M feet/year of ICP (TM-AFR)
  • 9.4M feet/year of 8 inch wide 2nd Generation ICP (IM-AFR)


ICP Equipment

  • In-Center Research & Development (on materials, designs.)
  • In-Center Design support (materials, parts & tooling, molding.)
  • In-Center Development Molding Trials & Design of Experiments
  • In-Center Production Molding (on limited basis as mold via partners)
  • In-Center Development Testing (Flexural, Impact, Deformation, etc.)
  • 3rd Party Material Formulation with ICP Partner
  • 3rd Party Design Support with ICP Partners
  • 3rd Party Finite Element Analyses (FEA) using ICP proprietary models
  • 3rd Party Testing with ICP University Partners
  • 3rd Party Molding with ICP Partners